The Baden neighborhood offers solid housing stock at affordable prices. The majority of homes are gingerbread cottages made of brick and stone, which range from almost salt-box in simplicity to positively storybook in detail. There are also larger turn-of-the-century Folk Victorians in both brick and wood varieties, as well as beautiful brick row-homes for two or four families that are even older.

Many homes are ready for rehabilitation and updates, since the city has already demolished many properties that were beyond saving and in dangerous condition. As a result, some blocks have a selection of sunny vacant lots available for Mow-to-Own, Garden Leases ($5 for five years), or urban farming. The demolition crews were intentional in preparing many of these lots for these types of uses with a thorough removal of debris and appropriate grading.

It is very common to hear power tools and landscaping equipment on the weekends as residents work to improve their properties. Residents work together to clean alleys and maintain alley landscaping in order to dissuade people from thinking the neighborhood is an easy place to dump their trash illegally. The city is very responsive with cleaning up alley messes quickly, and the Streets and Forestry departments are always willing to go above and beyond with helping with specific resident requests.

We welcome you to join the Baden community! Home-ownership is a significant factor in breaking the cycle of generational poverty and to begin building generational wealth. Although the neighborhood is "north of Delmar," it is possible to qualify for mortgages for Baden homes. Please feel free to reach out to ROBA if you have any questions or difficulties in the process, and we will do our best to support you, whether it is connecting you to mortgage opportunities, financial advisors, lawyers, or to your new neighbors.