The Baden area is a unique neighborhood because it contains residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Effective revitalization includes redevelopment and growth in all three zones. Check out some of the current projects happening in and around Baden.

North Broadway

Making Baden Streets Safer

Status: Complete - lane diet, bike lanes, wide sidewalks, new streetlights, fiber installation. In Progress - security and traffic cameras connected to real-time crime center, completion date end of October 2020

STLtoday article about cameras

Home Rehabilitation

Transforming Abandoned Properties

Status: Several abandoned properties have been acquired and developers are currently working on rehabilitating the homes.

ROBA has a community-created list of properties that are eligible for this program and is actively seeking interested developers and contractors to participate.

St. Louis Vacancy Collaborative

"The Wedge"

Future Farmer's Market

Status: The Alderwoman has been preparing "The Wedge" as the future site of Baden's Farmer's Market, with train car stalls as an homage to Baden's railroad history.

She has already secured demolition of the Medical Center building, however the absentee owner of the Art Deco-style apartment building is fighting back against her demolition campaign against his neglected property. He has no plans for improving the property and periodically places boards over doors and windows to stay in compliance with local codes to stave off demolition. As soon as he falls out of compliance, the Alderwoman will be able to proceed with clearing the Wedge and installing the Farmer's Market.

Ward 2 Alderwoman Lisa Middlebrook

Zoo Expansion

A Multi-Million Dollar Development in Baden's Backyard

Status: 425 acres have been acquired at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The Conservation and Animal Science Center is designed for breeding endangered animals and planned to be the first stage of the project to be completed. The Safari Park and Wilderness Adventure and "Glamping" (luxury camping) sites are highly anticipated parts of the project. The development will also include a hospitality (hotels and restaurants) district that is already under construction.

KSDK article about the expansion

MSD Improvements

Drainage Basins over a Forgotten Stream

Status: The project is nearing completion now that a contract has been awarded for the final landscaping installation. Sign up to receive ROBA emails to find out when the contractor will hold the neighborhood meeting about the project set to begin in July.

The Baden Project

Washington University adaptive landscape strategy (pdf)

Baden School

One and Two Bedroom Senior Apartments

Status: The project is moving through the appropriate approval channels. ROBA has been in constant communication with the LDG on this project and is excited to support them in this development endeavor.

Lutheran Development Group

Infill Homes

A Breath of Fresh Air: New Construction Homes

Lutheran Development Group

Status: The project is moving through appropriate approval channels. Some lots have already had the uninhabitable buildings demolished within the last year.

Recycling Plant

Transforming Waste Into Energy

Status: The project is in the construction phase and is intended to be operational this year.

STLtoday article about the recycling plant