Membership and Benefits


Members influence what happens in the area through guaranteed communication channels with city government representatives.

Members ensure the community's concerns are acknowledged and valued by providing "strength in numbers" when providing feedback to the city.


Members collaborate in the decision-making process at monthly community meetings, focusing on meeting the needs of the neighborhood through cooperation with city officials and service departments, non-profit organizations, and other Northside allies.

Members support neighborhood improvement initiatives by providing the financial means necessary to put into action the plans developed to respond quickly and effectively to community concerns.

Membership Details

  • Choose the membership level that is best for you:

    • Resident - Individual $20

    • Resident - Family $35

    • Resident - Senior $5

    • Business - $50

    • Nonresident Ally - $20

  • All memberships will receive one vote on issues voted on during the monthly community meetings, with the exception of Family memberships (two votes) and Nonresident Ally memberships (no votes).

  • Membership will be effective for 12 months from date of payment and automatically renewed unless cancelled.

ROBA is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit and each gift qualifies as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.